Our Philosophy 

At Pandora Early Learning Centre, we believe that the early years are a special time in a child's life. An exciting period of discovery, learning and development. We believe each child is an individual in their own right, therefore it is our responsibility to cater for the diverse needs of every child and their families. It is our goal to work with families to provide quality care within a warm and respectful environment, ensuring that each child feels safe and secure in their environment. Imbedded in our culture is the notion that all families are apart of our centre and are invited to make contributions to all aspects of operation.

Children need to be valued as individuals who are capable and resourceful learners, as well as active contributors to their own learning. Therefore, we implement a child centred program which is structured around the interests of our children. This program is in line with and based upon the principles and learning outcomes presented in the Early Years Framework (EYLF) - "Belonging, Being and Becoming".

We believe children need opportunities to practice and consolidate their skills in key learning areas including: language and literacy, creative and expressive arts, Mathematics, science, and social and emotional development. At Pandora Early Learning Centre, we will ensure that we provide each child with these opportunities and resources in order for them to reach their full learning potential.

At Pandora Early Learning Centre, we aim to promote the development of fine and gross motor skills, physical activity, healthy eating habits as well as sleep and rest periods. We will ensure that each child feels a sense of love, security, and belonging in their environment. The the implementation of our programs, we will provide cognitive stimulation of the senses whilst promoting the importance of play based learning.

We believe that a supportive and secure environment fosters the development of a child's confidence and positive self-esteem. Therefore, we strive to empower children through using their thoughts and ideas to develop a program based around our children's interests. We will endeavour to build upon the child's self image, independence, belief in oneself and confidence for their individual wellbeing. We will teach and encourage a positive approach to oneself, learning, responsibility, self discipline and self esteem. We aim to scaffold the development of each child as an individual who can understand their identity and quality, whilst developing secure relationships and a sense of community within their learning environment. 

Incorporation of Montessori Education

At Pandora Early Learning Centre, children aged 3-5 have the opportunity engage and participate in Montessori Education based learning and experiences. We have a room allocated and dedicated to providing students with experiences that are based upon the principles of Montessori Education. Educators which are allocated to this room have also undergone specific Montessori training in order to provide children with quality education.

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