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Our Philosophy 

At Pandora Early Learning Centre, for over 25 years we have believed that the early years are a fundamental time in a child’s life, an exciting period of discovery, learning and development. We consider each child an individual in their own right as we strive to foster their sense of agency. In line with Maria’s Montessori’s theory, we strive to “recognise the innate learning powers naturally present in the child”. In doing so, we aim to create safe, secure and resourceful environments which support and sustain a child’s learning and development at all stages. Our learning environment is sourced with purposeful, high quality and durable resources. This environment consists of large open spaces, natural lighting and ventilation which is kept at an exceptional level of cleanliness. We pride ourselves on providing wholesome and nutritious home cooked meals which represent the cultures of our children to create a warm and homelike environment. 


Our children are recognised as active and involved learners who contribute to their own learning. Therefore, our program is based upon children’s expressed interests and developmental needs. Children are encouraged to participate in the decision making process as they guide their own learning. This program is in line with and based upon the principles and learning outcomes presented in the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) - "Belonging, Being and Becoming”. Through intentional teaching, educators make deliberate decisions to ensure active and mindful engagement with children during all interactions in order to maximise opportunities for each child’s learning. Through consistent critical reflection and self assessment, we strive to continuously improve our practice and program.

We believe children need opportunities to practice and consolidate their skills in key learning areas including: language and literacy, creative and expressive arts, Mathematics, science, and social and emotional development. At Pandora Early Learning Centre, we will ensure that we provide each child with these opportunities and resources in order for them to reach their full learning potential. At Pandora Early Learning Centre, we aim to promote the development of fine and gross motor skills, physical activity, healthy eating habits as well as facilitate sleep and rest periods. We will ensure that each child feels a sense of love, security, and belonging in their environment. Through the implementation of our programs, we will provide cognitive stimulation of the senses whilst promoting the importance of play based learning.


At Pandora Early Learning Centre we strive to ensure cultural diversity is genuinely imbedded into our program and practice as we teach children to respect and appreciate cultural differences. We celebrate the benefits of diversity ensuring we are inclusive of all children, cultures and abilities. In order to ensure this inclusive environment, we strongly encourage and value input from our families. All our educators work hard at forming relationships with families and communicate with them on a regular basis in the centre and also through our communication software to ensure accessibility for all. 

Incorporation of Montessori Education

At Pandora Early Learning Centre, children aged 3-5 have the opportunity engage and participate in Montessori Education based learning and experiences. We incorporate specific resources which are dedicated to providing students with experiences that are based upon the principles of Montessori Education. Educators which are allocated to this room have also undergone specific Montessori training in order to provide children with quality education.

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