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Before & After School Care

St John Vianney Catholic Primary School, Greenacre

Our Philosophy

For over 25 years in children’s service,  we have believed that the early years are a fundamental time in a child’s life, an exciting period of discovery, learning and development. We consider each child an individual in their own right as we strive to foster their sense of agency. We aim to create safe, secure and resourceful environments which support and sustain a child’s learning and development at all stages. Our children are recognised as active and involved learners who contribute to their own learning. Therefore, our program is based upon children’s expressed interests and developmental needs. Children are encouraged to participate in the decision making process as they guide their own learning. 

What We Provide...


- A carefully constructed program based on each child’s interests, including:

                        - Cooking Classes

                        - Sporting Activities 

                        - Arts & Craft

                        - Yoga & Meditation

                        - Literacy & Numeracy Workshops 

- Homework assistance 

- Home cooked meals 

- Fresh fruit and other healthy snacks 


Morning Session            7am-9am        $25


Afternoon Session        3pm-6pm        $35



Both Sessions: $50

Please note that if eligible, a percentage of fees payable are covered by the Child Care Subsidy (CCS).

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